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SL Body Balance

Physical Therapy in Wiltshire

All the systems of the body can benefit from massage..........

Things have moved on at SL Body Balance. I still believe massage has a role to play in assisting the body to move how it is supposed to, but it's much like changing the oil when you need a good mechanic, you do need to change the oil now and again, but its not going to help if the problem is more serious, get assessed.


No Set Routines

Everyone is different


No two people are the same, although there can be common issues in everyone that lets modern life drag them forward. Everyone who steps through the door is treated individually, according to their specific needs.

Everyone is individual

Each session is customized to meet those needs by combining various areas of physical therapy and will start with full consultation with a postural assessment.

Everyone can help themselves

I am dedicated to my personal growth and constant education as a Therapist, and to working together with my clients to encourage their education and participation in this formidable process.

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