Mobility Screening

This consists of a two-hour session, with the first hour working through postural and mobility tests and the second hour going through the individual tissue release, nerve release and stretching program that is emailed to you that day.


One Hour £70



Structural Rebalancing

Under construction


One Hour £40




I only really use massage as part of the structural rebalancing, if you are looking for a nice relaxing spa day massage..... I'm probably not what you are looking for, and there are better people out there than me providing that service.

If you have some issues that need sorting give me a shout, but don't expect hot stones and pan pipes, as I say to clients "you didn't come here to be licked by kittens"

I am not disrespecting what I would call a spa day massage, it has its place, it's just not me!


Schedule a Visit

Call or email Stuart to schedule a consultation.